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Copyright statement

Practical Uses of Math And Science (PUMAS)
The On-Line Journal of Math and Science Examples for Pre-College Education

The Web pages and the information contained in them are provided for educational use. Permission is granted to copy and distribute material appearing on this web site (, or any PUMAS mirror sites, for educational purposes, with the following limits:

  • PUMAS material may not be included as all or part of material sold for profit, or used for advertising or promotional purposes, without the written permission of the PUMAS Editor.
  • PUMAS material may not be distributed in an edited or otherwise altered form, except for classroom use.
  • The PUMAS copyright statement, which appears in the header of each example, must be included in all reproductions of PUMAS material.
  • The PUMAS Editor must be notified if PUMAS material is reproduced for purposes other than classroom or personal use.
  • The most recent copyright statement, which is found on the PUMAS Web Site ( is in effect, and supersedes any previous versions of the PUMAS copyright statement