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Cross Section and Slope

I introduce the concept of contour plots in the PUMAS example called Contouring and Topo Maps. Contouring is a fun way to help students develop estimation and spatial visualization skills. With contouring you imagine yourself looking down at a landscape and trying to represent hills and valleys on a flat map. The next step is to try to visualize what you see if you take a vertical slice, a cross section, out of your landscape.

Grade Level: Middle School (6-8)
Curriculum Topic Benchmarks: M4.3.9, M4.3.21, M4.3.22, M5.3.3, M5.3.4, M5.3.8, M5.3.13
Subject Keywords: Contour, Contouring, Topography, Cross section, Elevation, Visualization, Estimation, Slope, 3 dimensions, 3 dimensional, Algebra

Author(s): Lorraine Remer
PUMAS ID: 12_04_01_2
Date Received: 2001-12-04
Date Revised: 2002-12-18
Date Accepted: 2002-12-20

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