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Dream Job

Many people dream of becoming millionaires these days. In order to make this dream come true, people play the stock market, play the lottery, and appear on television game shows designed for this purpose. Counting on the stock market requires placing money at risk and playing the lottery involves playing against the odds. And honestly, the television programs place contestants in the risky position of looking foolish by missing an easy question in front of millions of viewers.

Grade Level: High School (9-12)
Curriculum Topic Benchmarks: M2.4.2, M3.4.3, M3.4.4, M3.4.5
Subject Keywords: Geometric progression, Counter-intuitive result, Counting, Exponents, Estimates

Author(s): Phyllis A. Salmons
PUMAS ID: 01_30_00_1
Date Received: 2000-01-30
Date Revised: 2000-02-27
Date Accepted: 2000-02-27

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