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Earth Turns? Prove It!

We are all told that the Earth turns and we accept that. But an actual demonstration of how scientists proved this can have lasting impact on the acceptance of this authoritative statement and also on how students judge other authoritative statements for themselves, scientific or otherwise. Satisfying oneself that Earth does actually rotate shows what can be done to encourage such thinking.

Grade Level: High School (9-12)
Curriculum Topic Benchmarks: S12.3.6, S12.3.8, S12.4.6, S12.4.7, S14.3.2, S14.3.4, S15.3.5
Subject Keywords: Rotation, Earth rotation, Pendulum, Foucault, Newton’s laws

Author(s): Stephen J. Edberg
PUMAS ID: 03_13_07_1
Date Received: 2007-03-13
Date Revised: 2007-07-24
Date Accepted: 2007-11-13

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