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Length of the Day

The length of the day is something we take for granted. Yet, much can be learned about the day -- and the way the Earth moves -- from careful observations of the Sun and a more distant star, over as little as 24 hours, with a home-made viewer and a good clock.

Grade Level: High School (9-12)
Curriculum Topic Benchmarks: M4.3.7, M4.3.20, M4.4.5, M4.4.6, S14.3.2, S14.4.2, S15.4.4, S3.4.5
Subject Keywords: Day, Solar day, Sidereal day, Star day, Earth's orbit, Astronomy, Analemma, Seasons

Author(s): Stephen J. Edberg
PUMAS ID: 07_31_97_1
Date Received: 1997-07-31
Date Revised: 1997-10-27
Date Accepted: 1997-10-30

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