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Automatic Windshield Wipers

A caller on an automotive-themed radio program asked for help with a problem. It seems that when it rained her windshield wipers sometimes turned themselves on. How is this possible?

Grade Level: Middle School (6-8)
Curriculum Topic Benchmarks: S13.4.1
Subject Keywords: conduction, conductivity, electricity, water, ion, wire, battery, motor

Author(s): Evan M. Manning
PUMAS ID: 12_29_97_2
Date Received: 1997-12-29
Date Revised: 1998-03-12
Date Accepted: 1998-03-12

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Comment by K. Chandrasekar on March 17, 1999
"I wonder whether this system is in use in any of the cars.
If it is not so the car companies can really try it out."

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