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Modeling the Motions of the Earth, Moon and Sun

The purpose of this lesson is for students to learn the relative motions of the Earth, Sun and Moon. Awareness of these different motions is needed to develop an understanding
of the causes of the day/night cycle, the seasons and the cycle of lunar phases.

Grade Level: Upper Elementary (3-5)
Curriculum Topic Benchmarks: S1.2.5, S1.2.6, S3.2.1, S3.2.2, S3.3.2, S3.3.4, S3.3.6
Subject Keywords: Earth, Moon, Sun, Orbit, Rotation

Author(s): Glenn Simonelli
PUMAS ID: 03_10_04_1
Date Received: 2004-03-10
Date Revised: 2004-06-01
Date Accepted: 2004-06-07

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