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Particle Man and the Photon

When a photon ( a very small increment of energy) encounters a substance one of three things may happen. (1) The photon may be transmitted -- it passes through without alteration. (2) The photon may be absorbed -- the photon never leaves the particle. (3) The photon may be scattered -- it’s path may be altered.

Grade Level: Middle School (6-8)
Curriculum Topic Benchmarks: S11.3.1, S11.3.3, S11.3.4
Subject Keywords: Photon, Light, Transmission, Absorption, Scattering, Particle

Author(s): Lorraine Remer and Richard Kleidman
PUMAS ID: 11_30_98_1
Date Received: 1998-11-30
Date Revised: 1999-01-04
Date Accepted: 1999-01-04

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