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Seeing Interference Fringes

Demonstrate the wave nature of light by projecting interference patterns. Detecting the interference of waves is one of the most powerful methods in science for measuring wave phenomena, and using the waves and their interference can reveal underlying details of their sources and the materials through which they travel.

Grade Level: Middle School (6-8)
Curriculum Topic Benchmarks: M4.3.3, M4.3.4, M4.3.5, M4.3.6, M4.3.10, M4.3.19, M4.4.4, M4.4.5, M4.4.6, S15.4.4, S15.4.5, S15.4.6
Subject Keywords: Laser, Interference pattern, Fringes, Wave nature of light

Author(s): Stephen J. Edberg
PUMAS ID: 09_21_05_1
Date Received: 2005-05-21
Date Revised: 2006-06-14
Date Accepted: 2006-06-16

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