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What is Wind Chill?

Why is it that we feel colder when the wind is blowing than when the wind is calm? What does it mean when the local weatherman gives the daily high along with the wind chill? How is the wind chill determined?

Grade Level: Middle School (6-8)
Curriculum Topic Benchmarks: M3.3.5, M8.3.1, M8.3.3, S11.3.1, S11.3.4, S11.3.5
Subject Keywords: Wind chill, Heat transfer, Hypothermia, Computation, Exponents, Cold weather, Weather, Winter, Energy transfer, Frostbite

Author(s): Peter Kiefer
PUMAS ID: 10_31_01_2
Date Received: 2001-10-31
Date Revised: 2002-01-16
Date Accepted: 2002-01-18

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