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Currently the PUMAS collection contains 93 examples.

The PUMAS examples are aimed primarily at helping pre-college teachers enrich their presentation of topics in math and science.

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Aaron, Kim

Bainbridge, Ph.D., Ted

Bellar, James

Bogaert, Jan

Broome, Paul

Cantrell, Will

Chambers, Lin

Cohen, Martin P.

Cooper, Cynthia

Edberg, Stephen J.

Foster, James

Frolking, Steve

Gabriel, Philip

Gateau, Katherine

Grimes, S. Kathryn

Jones, Alan L.

Kahn, Ralph

Kerski, Joseph

Kiefer, Peter

Kleidman, Richard

Manfred, Owe

Manning, Evan M.

Menon, Ramakrishnan

Miller, Dan

Moore, Richard

Moren, Charles R.

Moxey, Lucas

Narguizian, Paul

Ostler, Elliott

Parkinson, Claire L.

Pasternack, Gregory B.

Rao, Shanti

Ratheal, Juli

Reid, Joseph B.

Remer, Lorraine

Rodriguez, Lizzette A.

Rosentrater, Lynn

Ruby, Joseph L.

Ruzek, Martin J.

Salmons, Phyllis A.

Scott, Anna

Simonelli, Glenn

Spiegel, Murray F.

Stern, David

Stevermer, Amy J.

Van Hecke, Tanja

Vogel, Jackie

Wawers, Kathleen

White, Loren

Wylie, Donald P.