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The PUMAS examples are aimed primarily at helping pre-college teachers enrich their presentation of topics in math and science.

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Benchmark Subject: Math

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M1.2.1 M1.2.3 M1.2.6 M1.3.2 M1.3.3 M1.3.4 M1.3.5 M1.3.8 M1.3.9 M1.3.10 M1.3.11 M1.3.12 M1.4.1 M1.4.2 M1.4.3 M1.4.5 M1.4.6 M1.4.7 M1.4.8 M2.2.1 M2.2.2 M2.2.4 M2.2.5 M2.2.10 M2.3.2 M2.3.3 M2.3.4 M2.3.5 M2.3.7 M2.3.8 M2.3.10 M2.3.11 M2.3.12 M2.3.13 M2.4.1 M2.4.2 M2.4.3 M2.4.5 M2.4.6 M2.4.8 M2.4.9 M3.2.1 M3.2.2 M3.2.3 M3.2.6 M3.2.10 M3.2.12 M3.3.1 M3.3.2 M3.3.5 M3.3.6 M3.3.7 M3.3.9 M3.3.10 M3.3.11 M3.3.12 M3.3.13 M3.3.14 M3.3.16 M3.3.17 M3.4.1 M3.4.2 M3.4.3 M3.4.4 M3.4.5 M4.1.1 M4.2.3 M4.2.10 M4.2.13 M4.2.16 M4.3.3 M4.3.4 M4.3.5 M4.3.6 M4.3.7 M4.3.8 M4.3.9 M4.3.10 M4.3.12 M4.3.14 M4.3.17 M4.3.18 M4.3.19 M4.3.20 M4.3.21 M4.3.22 M4.4.1 M4.4.2 M4.4.3 M4.4.4 M4.4.5 M4.4.6 M4.4.7 M4.4.8 M4.4.9 M5.2.1 M5.2.2 M5.2.4 M5.3.3 M5.3.4 M5.3.7 M5.3.8 M5.3.12 M5.3.13 M5.4.1 M5.4.2 M5.4.4 M5.4.6 M5.4.7 M5.4.8 M5.4.10 M5.4.11 M5.4.12 M5.4.13 M5.4.16 M5.4.17 M6.2.2 M6.2.5 M6.2.8 M6.3.1 M6.3.4 M6.3.6 M6.4.4 M6.4.7 M6.4.9 M7.3.2 M7.3.8 M7.3.10 M7.3.12 M7.4.2 M7.4.3 M7.4.5 M7.4.6 M7.4.10 M7.4.11 M7.4.13 M7.4.15 M8.3.1 M8.3.2 M8.3.3 M8.3.4 M8.3.5 M8.3.7 M8.3.9 M8.3.11 M8.3.12 M8.4.1 M8.4.2 M8.4.3 M8.4.9 M8.4.11 M8.4.12 M8.4.13 M8.4.15 M8.4.16 M8.4.17 M8.4.20 M8.4.22 M8.4.24 M8.4.25 M8.4.28 M9.3.1 M9.3.2 M9.4.1 M9.4.3 M9.4.4 M9.4.7

Benchmark Subject: Science

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S1.1.1 S1.2.1 S1.2.3 S1.2.4 S1.2.5 S1.2.6 S1.3.2 S1.3.3 S1.3.4 S1.3.5 S1.3.8 S1.3.10 S1.4.1 S1.4.2 S1.4.3 S10.2.1 S10.2.3 S10.3.3 S10.3.7 S10.4.1 S10.4.2 S10.4.7 S11.1.1 S11.2.4 S11.3.1 S11.3.2 S11.3.3 S11.3.4 S11.3.5 S11.3.6 S11.4.2 S11.4.4 S11.4.6 S11.4.7 S12.1.2 S12.2.2 S12.2.3 S12.2.4 S12.2.5 S12.3.3 S12.3.6 S12.3.7 S12.3.8 S12.4.1 S12.4.3 S12.4.6 S12.4.7 S13.3.2 S13.4.1 S13.4.6 S14.2.1 S14.3.1 S14.3.2 S14.3.4 S14.4.1 S14.4.2 S15.1.1 S15.2.3 S15.2.4 S15.2.5 S15.3.1 S15.3.2 S15.3.3 S15.3.4 S15.3.5 S15.4.1 S15.4.3 S15.4.4 S15.4.5 S15.4.6 S16.4.1 S16.4.2 S16.4.3 S16.4.5 S17.4.1 S17.4.2 S17.4.3 S18.3.2 S18.3.4 S18.4.3 S2.4.1 S2.4.6 S3.2.1 S3.2.2 S3.3.1 S3.3.2 S3.3.4 S3.3.6 S3.4.3 S3.4.5 S4.1.1 S6.4.8 S7.2.1 S7.2.2 S7.2.4 S7.3.1 S8.4.5 S9.2.1 S9.3.3 S9.4.5