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Most of the work creating and advancing PUMAS is volunteered by professional scientists and other content experts, software developers, and teachers.

PUMAS Examples of the Practical Uses of Math And Science are contributed by the authors for the benefit of pre-college science education. We thank them, and those who post comments and activities/lesson plans relating to individual examples. Their names appear with their contributions.

We also thank those who volunteer to serve as Reviewers. The names of PUMAS reviewers are listed at the bottom of this page.

PUMAS was conceived by Ralph Kahn and developed under his direction. For the PUMAS Web Site, Ralph Kahn wrote the texts, Jason LaPointe developed the original software (1996-1997), Cecelia Lawshe performed the first full redesign and upgrade of the underlying software in 2003, and Paul Przyborski performed the second design and software upgrade in 2008. Lena F. Kahn and Harman Smith designed the graphics, which was digitally rendered by Harman Smith.

Since June 2008, the PUMAS Journal is maintained the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Goddard Space Flight Center. From 1996 to 2008, PUMAS was produced and maintained at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory / California Institute of Technology (JPL/Caltech), under contract with NASA. PUMAS activities are supported in part by the Earth Science and Applications Division and the Education Division of NASA, by the Education Offices at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and JPL/Caltech, and primarily by the volunteers who contribute content and advice to this journal.

Many people have contributed to PUMAS. For helping the Journal through its early development stages, we thank:

Dean Briere, David Frost, Art Hammon, Parvin Kassaie, Nahid Khazenie, John Kendall, Cheryl Lampe, Dave Seidel, Tom Smithson, Anita Sohus, Art Sussman, and Marguerite Syvertson for advice related to educational matters, Eric Danielson, Keevin Fisher, Sue Hess, Cecelia Lawshe, Mike Martin, Mark Takacs, Susan Wantanabe for technical advice, Dave Diner, Nora Normandy, Malcom Phelps, Mark Pine, Fred Shair, Gene Vosicky, Amy Walton, Ming-Ying Wei, and Rich Zurek for organizational support, Joseph Burns for advice related to journal operations, Lena F. Kahn for the designs of the PUMAS train and Earth logos, Mary Sue O'Brien and Don Hart for copyright advice, Joan Buttram and Alice Krueger for advice related to assessment, and Stephen Edberg, Henning Leidecker, Eni Njoku, Michelle Santee, and Victor Zlotnicki for advice related to scientific matters.

In helping with the development of the new version of the PUMAS site, we thank:

Susannah Pearce, Rashida Holland, Ernie Pittarelli, and Nate Perrin.

The following people served as PUMAS reviewers:

Kim Aaron, Kevin Baines, Richard Berk, Kristina Beuning, Angela Boehne, James Boyer, Frank Carsey, Lin Chambers, Kevin Chase, Roberta Dilocker, Lee Elson, Kye Ewing, Eric Fetzer, Warren Fish, Craig Fox, Larry Fullerton, Bernard Gilroy, Robert Gould, Edward Guinness, Art Hammon, John Hardie, John Hopeck, Sharon Jeffery, Roger Johnson, Peter Kahn, John Kendall, Allen Klinger, David Kopaska-Merkel, Diane Kozub, Jon Kriegel, Alice Krueger, Gareth Kucinkas, Farzad Mahootian, Paul Maley, Virginia Malone, Evan Manning, Linda Martel, Grant Meadows Jr., Ellis Miner, John Moore, Marsha Neace, George Nelson, Tom Nolan, Karla Orosco, Toula Papadimitropoulos, Claire Parkinson, B Pearson Jr., Roger Pelland, Michael Powell, Phyllis Pugh, Juliet Pulliam, Shanti Rao, Lorraine Remer, Paul Robinson Jr., Joy Runyan, Martin Ruzek, Greg Scharfen, David Seidel, Michael Slott, Marguerite Syvertson, Kenneth Voss, David Watt, Kathy Welch-Martin, William (Bill) Whitney, David Williams, Robert Zafran, Ed Zaron, Victor Zlotnicki, Valentina Aquila, Todd Bonsall, Amy Braverman, Abhishek Chatterjee, Stephen J. Edberg, trena ferrell, Philip Gabriel, Leslie Garrison, Randy Hubbard, Frank Iannarilli, Ralph Kahn, Larry Lebofsky, Huikyo Lee, Alexei Lyapustin, Evan M. Manning, Grant Meadows, Parker Moreland, Claire L. Parkinson, B Pearson, Jr., Anna Peeke, Jo Pitesky, Paul Przyborski, Paul Robinson, Jr., Martin J. Ruzek, Andrew Sayer, Glenn Simonelli, Nicole Stevens, Compton Tucker, Rick Varner, Loren White, Morgan B. Yarker, Gregory Young and tresa Zaragoza.