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Practical Uses of Math and Science

A collection of brief examples showing how math and science
topics taught in K-12 classes can be used in interesting settings,
including every day life.


Featured PUMAS Example

  • Rotational Motion and Rocket Launches

    My friend Kyle works for Boeing on the Sea-Launch project. Sea-Launch is a portable, floating rocket launch pad for putting satellites into space. So, if Korea wants Sea-Launch to put a new digital TV satellite into space, and Sea-Launch can go anywhere in the world with water, where should Kyle take Sea-Launch? (No, it doesn't have a steering wheel. It gets pulled by tugboats.) Well, like any scientist, he scratches his head for a minute, then works it out. Grab a pencil and follow along!

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The PUMAS examples are aimed primarily at helping pre-college teachers enrich their

presentation of topics in math and science.


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