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We hope that most of the material in the PUMAS Web Site is easy to use. If you have suggestions or comments that might help us improve the Site, please let us know.

For questions or comments related to PUMAS content or operations, please contact Ralph A. Kahn.

For web-site operations, or other technical information, please contact Susannah Pearce and Nate Perrin.

Navigating the PUMAS Website

The PUMAS Web Site is organized to serve three kinds of Participants:


There are two subsidiary functions, the "Examples Wanted" page, where teachers looking for examples not in the PUMAS Collection can post their requests, and this Help file.

Here is a map of the main pathways through the PUMAS Web Site. A text-based site map is available here.

All five paths can be reached from the PUMAS Home Page, and from the "Train" that appears at the bottom of every page in the PUMAS Web Site. The footer provides access to the PUMAS Copyright statement, and the names of the PUMAS Editor and Web Curator. [Please direct comments on the content or organization of the pages to the Editor, whereas comments on the operation of the Site go to the Curator.]

Other Things You Can Do At the PUMAS Web Site

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