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Teacher's Assessment Questions

This assessment, particularly Sections 3 and 4, are designed to be answered after you have used the PUMAS examples in the classroom.

1. PUMAS Web Site Operations

  1. How did you find out about the PUMAS Web Site?
  2. Have you looked for examples before on the PUMAS Web Site?
  3. Did you find the PUMAS Web Site easy to use?
  4. Would you use the PUMAS Web Site again?

2. Impact of PUMAS Material on the Teacher's View of the Topic

  1. About how many Examples did you find that related to the curriculum Topic of interest?
  2. Did you gain any deeper understanding of the Topic of interest from the PUMAS material?
  3. Did the PUMAS material clarify any previously confusing aspect of the Topic for you?
  4. Did you come to view the Topic in a new way?
  5. Did the material you found enhance your enjoyment of the Topic?
  6. Which specific example did you find useful?

3. Impact of PUMAS Material on Classroom Teaching

  1. Did the PUMAS material contribute to your teaching, such as providing new ways to explain or illustrate the Topic?
  2. Did you use any PUMAS Examples verbatim in the classroom?
  3. Did you find any new cross-curricular connections as a result of reading the PUMAS Examples?
  4. Did reading the PUMAS Examples stimulate you to create other innovations of your own, in teaching the Topic?

4. Impact of PUMAS Material on the Students

  1. Did your use of PUMAS material enhance the students' enjoyment of, or interest in, the Topic (as measured, for example, by higher class energy level, more questions asked, or additional time spent after class)?
  2. Did your use of PUMAS material enhance the students' understanding of the Topic?
  3. Did your use of PUMAS material enhance the students' appreciation of the contexts in which the Topic may be used?
  4. Have you any indication that the PUMAS material may contribute to improving student test scores?