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Solves real-world problems involving roots and exponents.

The Moon Orbits the Sun?!?!

Even the most casual observers note the changes in the phase of the Moon as it goes from crescent to half to full and back again with a "monthly" cycle. (See Glenn Simonelli's PUMAS submission "Modeling the motions of the Earth, Sun and Moon" [PUMAS Example 03_10_04_1].) Their observations, or what is "common knowledge", lead them to believe the Moon does loops around the Earth. But is this true?

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Teaching Radicals in Less than Five Minutes

Many students approach college level math courses with anxieties approaching phobic levels. Math instructors continue to search for innovative teaching methods which make math concepts easier to understand, and at the same time, lessen student fears. Various techniques, such as mnemonics, acronyms and other minds/hands-on techniques, have been used in attempts to increase student understanding, encoding, retrieval and usage of information. This article presents a conceptual teaching tool which consists of attaching new ideas or techniques to a previously learned concept or behavior.

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Dream Job

Many people dream of becoming millionaires these days. In order to make this dream come true, people play the stock market, play the lottery, and appear on television game shows designed for this purpose. Counting on the stock market requires placing money at risk and playing the lottery involves playing against the odds. And honestly, the television programs place contestants in the risky position of looking foolish by missing an easy question in front of millions of viewers.

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