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Knows that science and technology have advanced through the contributions of many different people, in different cultures and at different times in history; science and technology have contributed to the economic growth and productivity of societies and this, in turn, results in social changes with different effects on societies and groups within societies.

Volcanoes and Urban Planning

The numerous annual volcanic eruptions that occur worldwide evidence the potential dangers they often create. Volcanoes are found across a wide variety of geologic settings, including subduction zones (i.e.: Andes, Cascades, Aleutian Islands) and hotspot settings (i.e.: Hawaii-Emperor Seamounts, Galapagos, Azores). Regardless of their location, history has demonstrated that volcanoes pose a vivid and real hazard to regional settlements and environments. The eruption of Mt. St. Helens (Washington - 1980), Nevado del Ruiz (Colombia - 1985), Mt. Hudson (Chile - 1991), Mt.

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