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Geometry to the Rescue: A Story in Pictures

Our kitchen floor was in need of something (repair, replacement, rejuvenation?). This being the do-it-yourself age, we took ourselves to the nearest big box home store, and picked out a lovely laminate flooring in a pattern that looks like tile. The ads and the instructions all make it sound like a pretty simple project. We brought it home and set to work. Immediately, we ran into a problem (Fig. 1). Our breakfast nook is in an octagonal shape. This means no matter which wall we started on, we immediately had to tackle an angle cut. Problem: How do you measure an included angle with a protector, when that angle is between two solid walls?


Lin Chambers

Date Accepted: 2003-11-26 Grade Group: Middle School (6-8) Benchmarks: M5.2.2 M5.2.4 M5.3.7 M5.4.1 M5.4.6 M5.4.7 M5.4.12 Keywords: geometry plane figures congruent angles parallel lines PDF Document: 11_04_03_1.pdf