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Mapping Your State and Community

Detect patterns and uncover cause-and-effect relationships using the Mapping For Everyone web toolkit ( By analyzing median age, home value, population change, household size, and other variables, you will be thinking critically and spatially while comparing differences between your neighborhood and others around the country.


Joseph Kerski

Date Accepted: 2010-07-25 Grade Group: Middle School (6-8) Benchmarks: M1.3.9 M4.3.9 M6.3.4 S15.3.1 S15.3.2 S15.3.3 S15.3.4 S15.4.3 S15.4.4 S18.3.4 Keywords: geographic informati income maps gis population density census Microsoft Word: 01_13_10_1.docx PDF Document: 01_13_10_1.pdf