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Converts fractions to decimals, percentages to fractions, fractions to percentages, percentages to decimals, decimals to percentages, common fractions and mixed numbers to decimal fractions, etc.

Lower Calories, Lower Fat: Making a Healthier Cake Without Loss of Taste

This example calculates the reduction in total calories and calories from fat when applesauce is substituted for oil in a cake recipe.

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Square Roots Using a Carpenter's Square

As demonstrated in a PUMAS example from Lin H Chambers, "How Now, Pythagoras", master carpenters regularly make practical use of geometry and, at times, the Pythagorean theorem in their craft. I found this out some time ago when a good friend told me how an old-time carpenter he worked with calculated square roots using a carpenter's square.

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Dollar$ or Cent$?

It is common in the real world to see mathematical examples where the cents sign was used when the dollar sign was supposed to be used. Converting and comparing decimals and fractions can help clear up this misconception. Two real coupons clipped from the Sunday paper coupon section are included in this activity.

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