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Volcanic Clouds and the Atmosphere

We frequently hear about volcanoes, eruptions, explosions, and probably think these things will never affect us, that volcanoes only exist at places far away. However, they should be a concern to everybody, since more than 50 volcanoes scattered throughout the world are active every year and their eruptions affect millions of people. Volcanic explosions produce clouds, which the atmosphere transports. This means that volcanic clouds can travel long distances and affect people that live far from their sources.


Lizzette A. Rodriguez

Date Accepted: 2003-01-09 Grade Group: High School (9-12) Benchmarks: S1.4.2 S1.4.3 S2.4.6 Keywords: volcanoes clouds Remote Sensing satellite images gases aviation hazards Microsoft Word: 10_30_02_1.docx PDF Document: 10_30_02_1.pdf