Reviewers' Page

Practical Uses of Math and Science depends heavily on reviewers to maintain the quality of the PUMAS Collection. Thank you in advance for taking the time and effort to participate in this vital activity. We have designed the peer review process to make reviewing PUMAS examples as easy as possible.

Reviews are submitted on-line using the Reviewers' Form, which you can reach through the User Tools. You must be logged in to view this resource. If you have agreed to review a current example, a link to the submission will appear when you log in.

At least one member of the Teaching Community, at an appropriate grade level, and at least one member of the Science Community, with an appropriate area of expertise, is asked to review each submission.

Your review will be sent anonymously to the lead author of the contribution, together with the other review(s) and a Cover Letter from the Editor. All who served as PUMAS reviewers are acknowledged on the PUMAS Acknowledgments Page.

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