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Why Is There a Tidal Bulge Opposite the Moon?

Demonstrate and calculate the reasons for tidal bulges of water on both hemispheres of Earth, due to the Moon.


Stephen J. Edberg

Date Accepted: 2011-05-04 Grade Group: High School (9-12) Benchmarks: M5.4.4 M5.4.16 M8.3.1 M8.3.3 M8.3.4 M8.3.5 M8.3.9 M8.3.11 M8.3.12 M8.4.16 M9.3.1 M9.4.7 S12.3.7 S12.4.6 S12.4.7 S13.3.2 S13.4.6 S14.3.2 S14.3.4 S14.4.2 Keywords: tide gravitation newton solid earth tides ocean tides Microsoft Word: 01_25_11_1.docx PDF Document: 01_25_11_1.pdf