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PUMAS Examples

The PUMAS examples are aimed primarily at helping pre-college teachers enrich their presentation of topics in math and science.
  • You may find a number of examples that relate to your area of interest, perhaps written in different styles, and possibly taking different approaches to the material. There may also be comments/lesson plans filed with some of the examples, written by previous users.
  • Use these examples as a resource -- Select, adapt, recontextualize, and present the material to your students in a way that you judge will best meet your students' needs, abilities, and interests.
  • You may have ideas related to a particular example that might be helpful to subsequent users. There is an opportunity, on the "Display an Example" page associated with that example, for you to submit your comments/lesson plans.
  • PUMAS examples are citable references. If you use material from PUMAS examples in other work, please cite them appropriately, e.g.: Chambers, L.H., "How Now, Pythagoras?", 07_10_98_1, The PUMAS Collection,, 1998.

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This is a good way to start, or to find examples added after a certain date. Click links below to get the list of all the PUMAS Examples, arranged by that field.

Claire L. Parkinson

David Stern, David SternJames Foster, James Foster

Jackie Vogel

James Foster

James Foster, James FosterOwe Manfred, Owe Manfred

Joseph B. Reid

Joseph L. Ruby

Juli Ratheal, Juli RathealJames Bellar, James Bellar

Katherine Gateau

Lizzette A. Rodriguez

Martin P. Cohen

Peter Kiefer

Philip Gabriel, Philip GabrielS. Kathryn Grimes, S. Kathryn Grimes

Phyllis A. Salmons

Phyllis A. Salmons

Richard Kleidman, Lorraine Remer

Stephen J. Edberg

Steve Frolking, Steve FrolkingLynn Rosentrater, Lynn Rosentrater

Tanja Van Hecke

Ted Bainbridge, Ph.D.

Will Cantrell, Will CantrellCynthia Cooper, Cynthia Cooper